Can I Pray The Gay Away?

In the LGBTQ+ community there are a lot of things that are used to being heard. One of those things being, “You are going to Hell, that’s a sin.” It’s no surprise that some have a hard time accepting who they are,their thoughts,and their relationships because of religion. This is also a reason why some don’t tell their families and wait to later in life to “come out.”This is also why some try to “pray the gay away.”

So can you? The short answer is no. In my opinion, you shouldn’t want/have to, because you are who you are. You love who you love. Regardless of what you or your family believe, those feelings you are having, those thoughts that keep you awake at night are there for a reason. You can be religious and LGBTQ+. IF Christians follow the old testament, which is where all the so called scriptures are located on homosexuality; Leviticus,Genesis, Judah, Jude, Romans, Timothy, Isaiah to name a few,then we would all go to Hell! If the scripture surrounding the text is read, one would realize that it is not about homosexuality. The New Testament teaches about love for all people. I believe that most forget this….The Bible, just like any other written word, is open for interpretation. The interpretation of the Bible has been studied, debated upon, and translated by so many languages over the years. Why else do we have so many religions? This is because individuals interpret and see the Bible differently, they see religion differently, they see life differently. Also , not all religions follow the Bible. So why are we so stuck on that religion? Why do we just believe what everyone else says? My advice would be to read it and interpret it for yourself.

Don’t feel guilty about the person you are. I have learned to be understanding of the opinions of others, but I choose to not let those opinions make me feel bad or less of a person for who I am. We all have that choice, to be accepting of ourselves. I believe this is the first step for many. How can we ask others to accept us if we don’t accept ourselves.

This, understandably so, can be difficult for some. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help, don’t be afraid to build a support system to help you through the beginning process of accepting who you are! Do this in your own time. Don’t feel rushed or pressured to “come out," and if you need help or guidance, feel free to reach out to me. I am a judgment free person.

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Kadron Bullington

Kadron Bullington

Personal Growth, learning, strength coach for anyone needing help developing mindset, being more confident, dealing with daily stressors, and being healthier!